Bridesmaid Bribery

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When it comes to planning weddings, your bridesmaids can be an essential part of your team. They are your closest friends and relatives, and they should know you as well as you do. They are there for the celebration and the stress, through all the tears and irrational panicking. They also end up spending a small fortune for your big day. Planning bridal showers, hen parties and coordinating outfits is no small, or cheap task, and sometimes the busy bride might forget just how much her bridesmaids do for her.

So why not thank you bridesmaids? And I don’t just mean a thank you in the speeches, but give them something that will really show that you are thinking of them, and how much you appreciate what they do for you. A selection of gifts from a Carabella gift box could be the perfect way for you to say a big thank you once it’s all over – but keep them in mind all the way through!

Hen Parties

Let’s be honest – a lot of hen parties get a little out of hand. Seen as your ‘last night of freedom’ – brides to be are encouraged to drink and dance the night away after a day of relaxation and pampering. your bridesmaids will have worked hard to put this event together for them – so the least you can do is repay the favour. Prepare hangover kits for the morning after to hand out as favours, and bring your own little gifts to the party. These can be something silly (rudely shaped or otherwise) or something sweet (like matching jewellery or custom printed T-shirts to wear). It’s not huge, but it won’t go unnoticed!

The Day Of

The day of the wedding should be the happiest day of your life, and the day all that planning and stress pays off. You and your bridesmaids will look stunning, and there will be smiles all around. Make sure that for the day, you take good care of your bridesmaids. Small things like heel protectors or gel cushions for their shoes will go a long way. If you want their hair to look a certain way – offer to pay for it. Oh, and want them to wear high heels? Offer to let them change into flats for the evening – those shoes can be murder!

The Day After

Ahh the morning after. Even if you are the kind of bride that chose not to drink so you could remember the day in its fullest – chances are your bridesmaids didn’t! try putting together a ‘wedding recovery kit’ for them, to help ease the hangovers. We suggest bottles of water, painkillers and Pepto-Bismol as standard, but why not include things like a rejuvenating face mask, or a pre-made ‘breakfast in a jar’ for them? There are some great suggestions for what to include on our Pintrest boards, why not check them out? Your bridesmaids will love you to pieces if you can help them recover, and they’ll appreciate that you were thinking of them.

Remember that your bridesmaids love you, and they want to make sure your day is the best it possibly can be. Let them know how much you appreciate them and everything they do with a thank you gift from Carabella.

Complimentary hand written card with each hamper