Give Dad some ‘Time Out for Him’

When it comes to Father’s Day, I imagine, many people are a little bit like me; always faced with the challenge of what to get him. Well, mum is quite easy to cater for, but Dad, he likes the simple things in life, which can make gift buying even harder!

He’s got his favourite programmes, which he owns on DVD already, and he definitely does not need anymore socks or ties! So how can you show him what he means to you, whilst giving him a gift he will use for months to come?

That’s when we had the idea to compile all of Dad’s favourite things and put them into one beautiful gift box, and we called it ‘Time Out for Him’, because it does just that, gives him a few moments each day to relax…

Most Dad’s love their morning cup of coffee, to set them up for the day. Aptly named, is the Clever Coffee Dripper. This quirky coffee brewer is easy to use and makes hardly any mess. Plus it brews the coffee over your mug, so there’s no pouring. Coffee fans claim ‘It has changed my life!’*


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No coffee lover would be without The Coffee Factory’s ‘Daily Brew’, a blend of beans from Columbia, with a rich body and hints of fruit and a nutty aroma. As well as all he needs to make the coffee, he’ll love the china coffee mug with integrated spoon, which means he’ll be able to get his coffee fix as soon as he opens his gift.

Does he like a little something alongside his coffee? Well if he’s relaxing on a Sunday morning, then he’ll love the New Forest Biscotti handmade biscuits which are designed for dunking! Plus Gregg Wallace approved, Belinda Clarke’s Mocha Marshmallows, which melt in the mouth, are included in his ‘Time Out for Him’ box too.

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Thumbs up for Belinda Clark! Source: Daily Mail


So what more could Dad be after this Father’s Day? And how pleased you’ll be when you see how much he loves his ‘Time Out for Him’ box.

*Source: Amazon product reviews, 5 stars.

Complimentary hand written card with each hamper