Give Teachers a Gift They Really Want

luxury corporate giftsIt’s coming to the end of the school year, and for students it’s time to move on up and leave their teachers behind for the year ahead. Traditionally, the grateful student would give their teacher an apple, to say thank you for a year of hard work and a lot of patience. But that idea has been passed up in recent years for more original and useful ideas.

Here at Carabella, we pride ourselves on our research, and knowing what our customers really want from a gift. We  talked to hundreds of teachers, and asked them what their ideal gift from a child (or more likely from their parents) at the end of the school year would be.

Well while it’s true that quite a few did say they loved receiving chocolate (and let’s face it, who doesn’t!) but that they tend of get overloaded with it. One lovely lady said she had enough chocolate from the end of term to see her through until Christmas! Well, to combat this, we asked around, and we can now give you a better idea of what teachers would really like at the end of a long year.

The main theme was ‘something thoughtful, and made by the child.’ This might seems a little silly, but a lot of our lovely teachers now have collections of these little trinkets made by their students – from Christmas tree decorations to cookie jars. The general consensus was that homemade gifts (even if they are homemade chocolate!) were very welcome. After that, original gifts was a high ranking contender. A local primary school teacher told us:

‘My favourite gift from a child had to be a mini spa kit that they made for me themselves. They said they noticed I always had really pretty nails, so they gave me a new bottle of nail polish, some remover and pads, and a toe separator all tied up with ribbon and a hand drawn card. It was so lovely and touching.’

Now we loved this gift – and it’s safe to say not every child will notice what their teachers nails look like – but a little bit of thought goes a long way. It’s true that a teacher remembers their students, even years later, and  they love to know that their hard work is being appreciated. It’s not easy being a teacher, and sometimes that little bit of recognition can go a long way for them, and you.

So when your child moves up a year, or leaves school, don’t just congratulate them. Spend a little time thinking about how you could thank their teacher, for helping shape their education and who they are for the rest of their lives. Say thank you to that special teacher in a really memorable way.

Complimentary hand written card with each hamper