Halloween activities for children

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Halloween is a great time to get the family together and the children involved in creating themed crafts, food or party games. It’s so easy to make themed sweet treats, scary DIY crafts and spooky house party decorations, below are some of our favourite ideas to give you some inspiration this Halloween:

Halloween Cooking!
Sweet treats are a tradition at Halloween, but there are so many recipes to try that you could create a feast! Why not try a seasonal bake with skeleton gingerbreads or scary cupcakes with plenty of black and orange icing or even give the classic toffee apple a try! If your in the mood for something more savory you could try topping a home-made pizza with spooky characters, such as mozzarella ghosts or olive spiders and pepper cobwebs. Get messy and creative in the kitchen. The best part is, all your home made goodies need eating! YUM.

Get crafty
Whether you are a master with a glitter pen, or a novice at knitting there are plenty of crafty creations you and your child could get stuck in to. We love the stain glass pumpkin featured in our Halloween Pinterest board. All you will need is:

–  Orange cardboard for the outer pumpkin border

– Sticky back plastic for the clear middle

– Orange, yellow and red tissue paper for the stain glass effect

– Black cardboard for the pumpkin facial features

– Scissors.

Once you have collected the above it’s time to create the pumpkin!

If you cut out a pumpkin shape from the cardboard, stick this on the sticky back plastic, along with the tissue paper and the scary face you created from the black card, and then stick another piece of sticky back plastic over the top to hold it all in place. Finally cut out the sticky back plastic to match the shape of the pumpkin and you will have a stain glass pumpkin. Stick it up on the window to show the full effect!

Check out our Pinterest board for other craft inspirations including felt characters, toilet paper roll bats and googly eyed, mummy jars.
Follow Carabella’s board Halloween on Pinterest.

Costume contest
Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw a party and get together all your family and friends. Make sure everyone dresses up, (adults as well!) and have a costume contest with a prize to the best dressed. This will make sure people get creative with their outfits and the party photographs will be ones to remember. Themed family costumes always look amazing and they are a great way to bring everyone together. Inspirations such as The Adam’s Family or Super Hero’s, Disney Characters or Star Wars are bound to get you the winning prize.

Last but not least and perhaps the best part of Halloween is to decorate your house. Buy some props from your local high street supermarket or make some at home. Cover the furniture in cobwebs and plastic spiders, hang up Halloween figures and create mood lighting with coloured tissue paper over your lampshades. But don’t forget to carve a pumpkin to sit in the window sill to let the trick or treaters know they are welcome at your house.

Still stuck for ideas? Check out our Halloween Kiddy Kit packed with tuna activities perfect for winter evenings…

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