How to relax in 2015

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We all love Christmas, it’s a time of indulgence. However, by the time January comes round we’re all feeling a bit groggy from the non-stop parties, shopping and one too many chocolates.

So, the beginning of the year is the perfect month to focus on taking time out for yourself.

Stuck for ideas? Here are some things I do to relax in the winter months:

Go offline
Nowadays so many of our jobs mean being ‘always on’ is essential. But, (after making sure you’re up-to-date) having one day a week offline is a great way to relax.

Turn off your iPhone, tablet and PC – and even try and keep away from the TV. This gives your brain a rest. Plus research has proven that our minds work better offline anyway – so it’s bound to boost your creativity in the long-run.

Have a bath

Some of us are often too busy to run a lovely bubble bath, instead it’s a quick hop in and out of the shower.

Try and make time to run a bath once a week, it’s a great way to chill out and relax your muscles.

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If you were easy on yourself over Christmas (like me) and are out of the routine of going to the gym it’s sometimes a struggle to go back.

Try and find a friend to pair up with – you both can motivate each other. It makes heading to the gym, yoga or the dreaded spin class a little bit more fun.

If you hate exercise, why not try going on a winters walk at the weekend? It’s an easy way to get into the routine of getting fit.

Treat yourself
Relaxing and detoxing shouldn’t mean cutting out all your treats – it just means moderation.

Settling down to Corrie with chocolate and glass of wine once in a while is the perfect night in.

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