Environmental and social sustainability

Since the launch of Carabella Gifts in 2015 we've been on a journey to make our business more environmentally and socially sustainable. 

We aim to protect the planet and our wellbeing by respecting and encouraging the interests of all those that work with us and are touched by our business. We are proud of our commitments to our work colleagues, our local communities, the environment and those we build strong working relationships with like our customers and our suppliers to being a more ethical and sustainable business. 

When we source our products you can be sure of our strong approach to sustainability: we source with care and we work with pre-vetted suppliers. What they make does not go to waste, always prioritising the protection of our planet. We value our suppliers who work with us and make our packaging.
We source our own-brand packaging in the UK.

Environmental risk and social inequalities are making our planet more complicated and unforeseeable. We at Carabella Gifts, our customers and suppliers are very aware of our personal impact on the planet.