The Art of Corporate Gift Giving

The Art of Corporate Gift Giving

When it comes to Christmas, many businesses in the UK put great emphasis on their gifts. This is to thank their employees and clients in a more memorable way. The holiday season is about gift-giving, and what better way than to show your hardworking employees how outstanding they’ve been with a thoughtful gift. Over 50% of UK workers receive some reward or gift during the holiday season. However, Christmas gifts aren’t only for employees, as these can be for clients too.  Gifts can help with encouraging clients or gain new customers as well in this fast-paced competitive world. Gifting is given to say “thank you” affirming relationships, boost morale, and so much more.

Whatever the reason you choose, corporate gifts affirm business relationships while also enhancing personal connections. Corporate gift hampers and Christmas gifts for clients have proven to also improve business activity such as increasing return of investment, as well as retention rates.

Here are some tips for the art of corporate gift-giving.

Why should companies do gift giving?

Corporate gifts, unlike rewards, are rewards that are offered without any sort of preconditions. Rewards are meant to motivate employees to work harder such as reaching goals and making improvements. Many employees are working so hard and putting in a lot of commitment, especially when so many are working from home at the moment. By providing a thoughtful gift to clients and employees at certain points throughout the year, makes them feel valued and keeps you at the top of their thoughts.  

Companies can mitigate the threat of high attrition – and the associated costs of disruption and replacement – by investing in employee engagement, company culture, work-life balance, and forming structured reward and recognition schemes to nurture and incentivise your valuable workforce.  With sustainability being so fundamental, provide eco-friendly gifts such as travel mugs, jute bags, tech accessories made from sustainable materials. 

Alternatively, get to know your clients and employees and if they have vegan or gluten-free diets, provide a gift hamper brimming with suitable foodie gifts. Over 60% of organizations have a specific budget just for giving gifts to their employees and clients. This alone helps employees feel like they are being recognized for their hard work during the holiday season, plus there is a growing expectation for this as it is becoming the norm in the UK corporate world.

Why are Corporate Christmas gifts for employees so important?

Christmas gifts are extremely popular, so make sure you’re giving something personal and memorable to the recipient. Giving thank you Christmas gifts to employees such as Corporate gift hampers are a very valuable way to help the company culture and the overall environment in the office. Employees want their appreciation to be noticed and what better way than a gift? You’ll want to give something that is well-personalized and high quality as this will help in creating a feeling of being valuable and a member of the team. This sense of belonging is very important as well.

Why are Christmas gifts for clients so important?

Clients can benefit from receiving Christmas gifts, but your company can benefit from this too. The Christmas gifts will let them know that they are very valued and it will also encourage them to continue with using your product or service.  One of the best ways to send Thank you Christmas gifts to clients would be through postal mail or in person. Also, adding a handwritten card is a great addition to the gift as it shows you've taken the time. Around 75% of people check their mail every day, this is because there is a stronger emotional response in physical mail. This is something that was specifically meant for this which makes it far more special.

What are some benefits of gift-giving?

Corporate Christmas gifts don’t need to be some strategic move or a tax break, but they can also be an emotional gesture to show goodwill during the festive season.

It improves company culture!

Company culture can make or break morale and longevity in the office. It can also affect employee performance which can ultimately affect customer satisfaction in the end. Employees need to know that their hard work is being recognised and also these gifts will help keep them engaged. If employees don’t feel as if they’re a part of something or feel any value, their work performance will decrease and they’ll resort to leaving the company to find one that does. While you should still recognize employees and show them value even outside the holiday season, giving gifts should just be another boost.

Reinforces your brand

Promotional gifts are a great way to reinforce your brand to clients, especially if they are unique or useful as they will keep using them which is great marketing for you. These can be a variety of items such as beach towels, shirts, bottles, and so much more. This is better to give to clients because it shows growth for the company but it’s a fun way to promote the brand as well. It’s important to be subtle with your branding as you’ll want this to appear stylish and contemporary. Also,  when possible, try to provide eco-friendly promotional gifts. On average, loyal customers are worth up to ten times as much as their first purchase. Your top 1% of customers will spend five times more than the remaining 99% of customers, so you must offer gifts to your top customers. These gifts will help make customers feel valued, then in turn will spend more money.  

Marketing Tech Blog: Crucially, your top 1% of customers will spend five times more than the remaining 99% of customers.
RJ Metrics: Companies with engaged employees see 233% greater customer loyalty and a 26% greater annual increase in revenue. Source: Aberdeen Group Thank you Corporate gifting Market Estimated at  £78.3m
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