The biggest trends in corporate gifting this year 2021

The biggest trends in corporate gifting this year 2021

Corporate Gifting trends in 2021 you should know about!

Wellness Gifts

Since everyone is very conscious of their wellness this year, wellness services like membership of a gym, and a  healthy food subscription are some popular options. And for the people who are in quarantine or have no time/chance going out, physical products such as candles, facemasks, and aroma diffusers are also common things people are looking online these days. 

FH Gifts

As companies are adjusting their working culture from office to home, providing employee necessities for WFH is important. Facebook is offering each employee $1K for setting up their home office. Other companies like SalesForce and Google are extending WFH policies until next year or even later. You don’t need to spend $1,000 like Facebook to help your employees to build a workspace at home. A simple gesture such as a personalised notebook, an exquisite piece of stationery or a mug warmer will make your employees’ WFH situation more enjoyable.

Self-care Gifts

Working from home can be isolating for many and sometimes extremely difficult for those who live in busy households. Self-care is paramount for those working from home as it allows people to create a healthy work/life balance and time to de-stress. A carefully-chosen self-care product such as an essential oil blend, a massage tool, or a meditation cushion, not only can boost the immune system but also allow people to take quality time out resulting in more productive performances later on. We have a range of great self-care hampersonline.



The last and the most important trend to keep in mind when considering corporate gifting must be personalisation. This is one of the most obvious trends we receive this year. “Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Personalised Gifts estimated at US$25.8 Billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$43.3 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.7% over the period 2020–2027,” suggested by Research and Markets.

Personalisation here means “choosing the right gift for the right person.” In this way, people are going to love the gifts that you specifically choose for them and feel appreciated because what you are sending is exactly what they need at the time. 

Change Your Mindset

The question is no longer “Should we do employee gifting?” but “HOW to do employee gifting?

If a company leader is able to show their appreciation to their employees by sending a heart-warming gift at their door, it will certainly make them feel better. Earlier in 2018, the data has already shown “one of the key factors for employee engagement is physical gifts, with 54% of the respondents suggesting.” This is one of the main reasons why many companies had started practicing employee gifting long ago. 

During the pandemic, more and more companies are asking for a trial on employee gifting platforms. One of the possible reasons we perceive is that 65% of all organisations indicate that maintaining employee morale has been a problem during working from home. This results in more needs for employee gifting service.

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(Written by David Chen, Edited by Hollie Mansell)