The key to the most well received house warming gifts

The key to the most well received house warming gifts

An excellent way to promote your company while congratulating a new homeowner would be through a lovely housewarming present. This gift is something that welcomes the recipients into their new homes. New home gifts have been a tradition in the UK for decades and it’s been a tradition that originally dates back to Jewish traditions centuries ago. This was one way to welcome strangers. You’ll still see this being promoted today in shows, movies, and even on social media throughout the United Kingdom as it’s now a part of the culture. Housewarming presents are wonderful for making a new house truly feel like a home.

These gifts can also help strengthen the business as well. Housebuilders and estate agencies are given ratings based on the new homeowners upon the gifts that are received. The companies do it so that the clients feel valued and appreciated and hoping that the new homeowner provides a positive testimonial and many referrals to their business. This little guide will help you in finding the key to the most well-received housewarming gifts.

Make it personal

Throughout the whole journey of selecting a proper gift, you’ll want to think about what truly represents you or what truly represents your company. An idea would be to provide a hamper that truly reflects the company such as using the company colours, or logo on the gift box. This gift should be something that the receiver can enjoy. The inside should have a personal touch and reflect what the recipient would like. This hamper is for them to take a moment and relax and just enjoy the gifts in the comfort of their brand new home.  You’ll want to reflect your values of understanding so the receiver will have a good experience with the gift. 

An idea would be a hand-poured candle, champagne flutes, travel mugs, or some eco-friendly items such as recyclable shopping bags, Try to avoid making the gift come off as too personal or sentimental, as this could be perceived as highly unprofessional. If this gift would be for an employee then it would be far more acceptable to gift something personalized.

House warming gifts aren’t just for homeowners

House warming gifts such as new home hampers aren’t just for new homeowners. They could be for your clients that have just gotten married, and employees that have just retired. Even in this current climate, your team working tirelessly from home could also receive a housewarming gift. One idea would be to fill hampers with brunch-style gifts or maybe some evening of gifts to enjoy.

It’s best to cater to the gifts around the person and their stage of life. For example, bespoke gift hampers will make excellent corporate gifts for employees who have recently moved into a new home.  An idea for newlyweds getting their first house could be something as luxurious as a hand-poured candle. Gift baskets are always excellent options as well as these can look very elegant based on their packaging and presentation, bespoke gift hampers will often already take the trouble away of making the gift look presentable.
Give the gift in a timely manner

For any real estate agents, mortgage companies, or property developers, it’s crucial to understand that you should give the new home hamper present to the recipients the day that they move in. This big day will make your company stand out as you give them this wonderful gift. However, if the first day isn’t possible then it’s best to give the housewarming present promptly as you’ll want to have your company stand out but also it shows your consideration. After three months is considered a bit too late to give a gift, so be sure to have your company give the recipient a housewarming gift quickly.

You’ll want the gift to feel like a fun experience for the new homeowner. Skip out on anything that involves chores such as household cleaning products and go with artisan food and drinks that they may not have tried before. These are always delicious and not something that will be left in a cupboard. New home hampers like this will create a fun foodie-filled experience that will help in fostering a connection to your company.

You don’t need to be extravagant, just thoughtful

While extravagant gifts will make you stand out and will impress the recipient, these are far from necessary when it comes to housewarming gifts. Give a gift that makes your company stand out so it is remembered and you’re top of their minds when a friend or a loved one is looking for a new home or mortgage. While the most common gifts are houseplants, the recipient may have received too many or have no experience in caring for such a high-maintenance gift. 
You’ll want to give something unique, but not something too wild or expensive such as art or furniture. These are always at risk of not being in the recipient's home décor taste. New home hampers filled with artisan foods, wine, spa goods, or hand-poured candles could always work as these are items that can never go wrong.