Our Covid 19 Response


With the current restrictions and Covid-19 impact, health and safety are more important than ever. We want to reassure our wonderful customers that we do are doing everything we can to maintain cleanliness in our supply chain/premises.

Covid Measures in Place

  • Our warehouse staff are temperature checked on arrival, and provided with necessary PPE. (If a temperature is above 37.7C, the member of staff will not enter our site and is required to book a COVID-19 test in accordance with government guidelines.)
  • Regular hand-washing, sanitiser use, social distancing, with face coverings required when working in close proximity.
  • We have identified ‘shared equipment’ and ‘high touch point’ areas, and introduced anti-viral wipes in these locations as an additional cleaning measure.
  • Our warehouse has natural ventilation through the working day.
  • Arranged work spaces to keep staff apart. This includes back-to-back working.
  • Many of our staff live together in familial households, allowing us to form cohorts who are able to work closely on site and maintain social bubbles.
  • Our site is not open to the general public.

Completed hampers spend between 3-5 days with our courier. The infection risk from a COVID-19 contaminated environment decreases over time. Studies suggest that the risk of residual infectious virus is likely to be significantly reduced after 48 hours. From the NHS, “it’s very unlikely Corona-virus can spread through things like packaging/food.”